The National Antique Doll Dealers Association was formed to promote integrity in the doll world. NADDA members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, and guarantee the age, attribution, and physical condition of dolls in writing upon purchase. NADDA boasts some of the premier authorities on antique dolls among its membership, and members share their knowledge by hosting doll seminars and special exhibits nationwide.


If you are interested in buying or selling dolls, or finding the value of a doll, use our MEMBER DIRECTORY  to find a NADDA dealer in your area and to browse  individual members websites. Your local library or bookstore is also a good place to find a price guide on antique dolls. Visit the EVENTS page for information on the next NADDA Antique Doll Show and Sale. If you would like to receive a email reminder of our shows, ask to be put on our mailing list. You may enjoy reading articles on various doll topics written by some of our members on the EDUCATIONAL PAGES.

If you are interested in joining a doll club in your area, we recommend that you contact the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) through their website at www.ufdc.org

Our organization is sad to announce, yet need to acknowledge, the passing of four of our current and very recent past longtime members who were an important and vital part of our membership and indeed well known and respected dealers/ collectors from various parts of our country and other parts of the world. All four passed away at various times within the past eight months and will be greatly missed. 

MARLIS TABIZEL. A world renowned dealer from the GREATER LONDON ( England ) area known to many from North America as a participant in many important shows in the USA and to Europeans, Asians, and any and all others who ever traveled to London and visited Marlis at her boutique gallery in Grays Mews in the antique district there. Marlis could always be seen at most auctions and doll fairs across the UK , France, and Germany in particular ,and was known and respected by all. Known to many Europeans but perhaps not to many Americans, Marlis was born in Germany in the mid-1930s but due to the tragic political and social circumstances of the day, her family had to escape, often in the dead of night over a period of several months, under the most dramatic and dangerous of circumstances. Young Marlis accompanied by her mother literally crossed much of Western Europe , evading perilous circumstances along the way, finally arriving to the point where the two could be boatlifted to England where they landed as refugees, and of course, over time, became “ British “ and were assimilated to their new home and became a welcomed part of that society at large. RIP.

GERT LEONARD. Gert was a familiar face and important member of the “ doll world “ in California and the Greater LA area in particular for at least four decades. Gert was born in the very early 1940s in Germany at the height of the turmoil of World War II. After it ended Gert’s parents moved to the USA, and they lived much of her childhood in the Detroit area before eventually resettling in California. Prior to specializing in antique dolls, Gert and her late husband had an antique business known as “ E&G ANTIQUES “, a name she carried on to her doll business until her last days. Gert was a fixture at all LA doll shows and participated as well in “ mail order sales “, and then transitioned to the more current “ online sales “, ever evolving to maintain her position and involvement in the field she loved and had become an expert. RIP.

EVELYN PHILLIPS.  Evelyn was an active participant in the “doll world “ for many decades and lived in the greater New York City area. Prior to her involvement with antique dolls she and her family were active in the production of clothing in the “ garment district “ of NYC, so in addition to the dolls alone ,Evelyn was well- versed and proficient in fabrics, sewing, and clothing in general which are obviously and overlapping interest and talent in both dressing dolls and knowing what styles and fabrics were appropriate for any type of doll from any period or background. Her retail dolls sales were primarily in the “ mail order “/ later “ online/website “ oriented “ format as opposed to in -person displays at a show/in a booth “ but Evelyn was a regular visitor at many important shows and conventions for many year as a buyer. When dealers saw Evelyn walk through the door eyes “ lit up “ as she was not only liked and respected but her presence signaled a greater prospect for a potential “ good sale”! Evelyn had a keen eye and had a motto of “ always -the- best”! She was active in the doll business until her mid-90s until she left her home in the NYC area and moved to France to live with her son who cared from her until her recent passing in mid-January of 2022 at the remarkable age of 102! RIP.

PHILIP ( PHIL ) MAY. Phil had been an avid and knowledgeable collector of nearly all types of antiques and dolls for most of his adult life yet professionally spending many decades as a teacher in the schools of New Jersey in the general vicinity of Ocean Grove/Asbury Park. Although he dabbled in selling dolls throughout his lifelong career as a teacher he threw himself “ head-first” into the doll business after his retirement from teaching. Those who knew Phil best understood he was always a “ collector “ at heart and even the items in his sales inventory were those he might consider “ good enough to be a part of his collection “ or maybe ones that previously had been part of his collection but now needed to move on to another home as new “ members “ had arrived and more room was needed and/or the sales proceeds of “old friends “ would assist in the purchase price of the new arrivals. For the past few decades Phil divided his time and residency to his home “at the shore “ in NJ and a condo in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area of Florida where he sadly passed away in late January of this year after encountering a series of issues of health, hastened along by the unforgiving ruthlessness of the general health challenges of the day. RIP.


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