The National Antique Doll Dealers Association was formed to promote integrity in the doll world. NADDA members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, and guarantee the age, attribution, and physical condition of dolls in writing upon purchase. NADDA boasts some of the premier authorities on antique dolls among its membership, and members share their knowledge by hosting doll seminars and special exhibits nationwide.


If you are interested in buying or selling dolls, or finding the value of a doll, use our MEMBER DIRECTORY  to find a NADDA dealer in your area and to browse  individual members websites. Your local library or bookstore is also a good place to find a price guide on antique dolls. Visit the EVENTS page for information on the next NADDA Antique Doll Show and Sale. If you would like to receive a email reminder of our shows, ask to be put on our mailing list. You may enjoy reading articles on various doll topics written by some of our members on the EDUCATIONAL PAGES.

If you are interested in joining a doll club in your area, we recommend that you contact the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) through their website at www.ufdc.org

 It is with great sadness we acknowledge that NADDA and the doll community as a whole lost a great friend and important contributor who literally dedicated most of the second half of her life to not only enjoying the dolls she loved so much, but as a major educator and advisor to any doll enthusiasts at all levels, from the “ merely curious “ to those who were the most sophisticated, knowledgeable, and passionate as she, Rosalie Whyel. 

As is the case with most “ doll people “, Rosalie began as a collector, but in a relatively short period of time expanded her involvement into the general field by sharing her collection(s) with the public by building and organizing a doll museum in the heart of downtown Bellevue, Washington, where both she and her beloved daughter Shelley Helzer, maintained and constantly modified and improved what was arguably THE most important museum in the world in both quantity and quality, as well as extremely well organized in terms of the age ( mid- 1600s to mid-to-late 1900s ) type, and country of origin/manufacture . It was strategically designed so that a person “off-the -street “, to the most advanced collector/dealer (often in a state of awe and wonder) could appreciate. True to her inquisitive nature, as Rosalie attained each doll, she made a point of learning about each and all relevant associated factors and history pertaining to it and continued this “ desire -to- know “ with each and every doll she later attained, making her the perfect “ educator “ to all those who shared her passion. 

As is often the case, the line between collector and dealer is often blurred, and within very little passage of time Rosalie slowly but surely evolved into the additional category of “ dealer “ as well, hence her welcomed long term membership in our NADDA organization. As was consistent with Rosalie’ s character in general, her sharing of both herself, and the richness of her museum collection was always appreciated and admired. In addition, as one might expect and assume, Rosalie shared her time, knowledge, and resources as well with UFDC ( United Federation of Dolls Clubs ) in a similar and substantive manner. 

The doll community owes a great debt to Rosalie for being so generous of her time, information, and her all so infectious enthusiasm. It would be hard pressed for anyone, if indeed not impossible, to think of a doll museum, past, present, or future, more important or significant than that of Rosalie’s, especially with the understanding that it was founded by her desire to share and educate all like-minded individuals, and not based on a purely monetary basis as is most often the motive. RIP Rosalie.


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