The National Antique Doll Dealers Association was formed to promote integrity in the doll world. NADDA members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, and guarantee the age, attribution, and physical condition of dolls in writing upon purchase. NADDA boasts some of the premier authorities on antique dolls among its membership, and members share their knowledge by hosting doll seminars and special exhibits nationwide.


If you are interested in buying or selling dolls, or finding the value of a doll, use our MEMBER DIRECTORY  to find a NADDA dealer in your area and to browse  individual members websites. Your local library or bookstore is also a good place to find a price guide on antique dolls. Visit the EVENTS page for information on the next NADDA Antique Doll Show and Sale. If you would like to receive a email reminder of our shows, ask to be put on our mailing list. You may enjoy reading articles on various doll topics written by some of our members on the EDUCATIONAL PAGES.

If you are interested in joining a doll club in your area, we recommend that you contact the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) through their website at www.ufdc.org

Our organization is sad to announce, yet need to acknowledge, the passing of current members who were an important and vital part of our membership and indeed well known and respected dealers/ collectors from various parts of our country and other parts of the world.

SANDRA KRAVOLETZ. Sandy Kralovetz was a familiar and well respected collector of “ almost anything antique “ , with the category of antique dolls perhaps receiving the most attention and for which Sandy was primarily known for and associated with. As time went on, her attention and involvement with dolls spilled out into the commercial aspect of dealing as well and for many years Sandy lived in the Greater Phoenix community of Glendale for many years where “ Sandy’s Dream Dolls “ became a reality and this name continued on with her as the ongoing name of her business when she and her husband Richard moved to the Greater Houston, Texas area thereafter where they remained until their sad passing, with Richard unfortunately passing less than a year before Sandy. Richard also was a well known fixture in the doll world and although Sandy was “ the boss “ in this realm of expertise one could see that he was also quite knowledgeable and shared her passion and interest. In addition, Sandy participated in many doll related events of all kinds .She was an active member of UFDC and spent more than several years at the annual convention as “ Salesroom Chairperson “ , some years alone, and others in a joint partnership with another dealer or two, and at the end of her tenure in this position ably assisted by at least two her of her young but yet adult grandchildren. 

 JIM FERNANDO. As most are aware Jim was almost a permanent fixture in the realm of antique dolls both as a collector and as a knowledgeable dealer. In Jim’s own telling as to his advent into the field of antique dolls occurred , first as a teenager and young adult and overlapping his initial study, and then practice of cosmetology. He became first fascinated and then fixated when he would frequent any and all establishments in the San Francisco area relating to “ anything old”, pawn shops, auctions, antique shops, repair shops, “ second-hand” shops, businesses relating to “ house clearances’ , etc. First one doll and then the next until he collected a few and then learned ( totally self-taught ) much about their history, ideally how they should look, etc. Throughout the years he found many likeminded individuals and became friends, and through a long period of transition and adaptation  the focus of his existence moved from “ beauty “ to “ dolls “ although those subjects are never mutually exclusive and therefore never separate entities. His dedication to dolls was a natural for him and due to study, experience, and just having a very “ good sense of taste “ he successfully arose and then maintained his position within the field and became one of its most important and knowledgeable participants, always willing to share with anyone with a curiosity as to his vast experience. His presence was always welcomed and enjoyed for decades at UFDC events , California and NADDA shows, and many others, at sales tables, competition events, and at seminars where he imparted his expertise in many categories were it to be “ BRUS”, his beloved “ kitchen chinas “, and/or all things in between. Although many are admired and loved, Jim truly deserved the title of “ icon “, “ one-of-a kind “, and most importantly “ just a warm and sharing person “. RIP 


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