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Each NADDA member has agreed in written to abide by a code of ethics. It is the intention of NADDA to built a foundation of honesty so that collectors can buy with confidence, knowing the members of the National Antique Doll Dealers Association will stand behind their dolls.

  • All merchandise for sale must be tagged and priced in dollars and cents.
  • All sales must be accompanied by sales receipt with dealers Name, Address, and Telephone Number.
  • All items must be clearly marked including identifying marks, flaws, e.g. hailing cracks and chips in bisque heads.
  • All restorations shall be noted, including repairs of hairlines and chips in bisque or other material dolls.
  • A brief but complete note of defects and restorations must appear on both the sales receipt and tag. This protects buyer and seller.

NADDA has formed an Ethics Committee to assist with mediation if a disagreement or problem arises from a transaction between a NADDA member and a customer and, after all efforts have been made by them to resolve the issue, there have been no solution.

For details, please contact:

Chair of Ethics Committee DOROTHY MCGONAGLE                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Email:


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This site is owned by NADDA. All information and digital photography contained herein are property of the owner and are not to be used or published elsewhere without the expressed written permission of the owner. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extend of the Law.


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